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Dermaplaning Blade Removal Using Forceps
The Anatomy of Hemostats








Step 1

The thumb and ring finger are inserted into the finger rings of the forceps, while the index finger and middle finger are used to guide the instrument.

Firmly grasp the base of the dermaplaning blade at a 90 degree angle. The hemostats will clamp onto the dermaplaning blade with a locking mechanism to avoid slipping during the blade removal process.



Step 2

Lift the base of the dermaplaning blade up. The ring finger will supply stability.

Step 3

By slightly shifting the thumb and ring finger the forceps will reallocate, loosening their grip and Pushing the clamp open. This allows the jaws to move apart.

After grasping the base of the blade and pulling upwards, push the blade out of the handle directing it away from you and your client.

Step 4

Discard the dermaplaning blade immediately into a sharps container before proceeding with the rest of your procedure. Forceps are similar to scissors but with a blunt tip and a locking mechanism.

Practice by opening and closing the forceps many different times, at different angles, using the suggested finger position. Practice makes perfect!

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Written by Carlye Walters for 

Advanced Esthetic Training LLC

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