Online training class on treating acne and extraction of acne lesions using a comedone extractor, lancet and cotton swabs

Cost of seminar

1 Student $99.00
2 Students $159.00
3 Students $219.00

Having a thorough understanding of acne is a necessity to manage your client’s condition and design protocols that will be the most effective. In this continuing education distance learning class you will learn about:

•Different types of acne their cause
•Treatments of acne from a medical and aesthetic perspective
•Available modalities to treat acne and when to use them
•Active ingredients to treat acne
•Designing protocols that work
•Effective and gentle extraction techniques and when to use the
•Extraction of milia, congestion and other acne lesions

The cost of the class is $150.00 and you will receive a kit that includes the following:

•Acne management Manual
•Instructional Extraction DVD
•Dermal Schamberg
•20 Extraction blades
•Certificate of participation
•30 minute teleconference with instructor
•Critique of extractions through video clips or Skype

Acne Management Distance Learning Seminar

$150.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
  • Each additional student will receive their own extraction lancets, comedone extractor, manual and certificate of participation. Call for larger group rates or special requests 321.212.9019