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Training and Education

There is a huge gap and a lot of confusion in the Aesthetics industry regarding general knowledge and skill based Training vs. product knowledge training. Most continuing education seminars are based solely on product knowledge, meaning you are being groomed to be a part of the sales force of a skin care company, and most of the time paying out of your pocket to do so.

At Complexions Advanced Esthetic Training we are passionate about education and have designed our classes to fill in that gap. We strive to equip you with the skills, knowledge and technique; as well as in depth knowledge on the physiological changes that take place within the skin during treatment so you can make educated decisions and manage your clients needs effectively regardless of the products you choose to use in your skin care practice.

Our Educators can travel to your facility and conduct one of our popular training seminars, or customize a class to address your specific needs. We also have live training seminars across the country listed on our events page

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