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Advanced Chemical Peel Class

This is the first module in the chemical exfoliation category. The Advanced Chemical peel class provides insight into superficial to medium depth chemical peels. The information in this distance learning program is NOT PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE Class. The information in the Advanced Peel Class is vital in helping you make informed decisions for your clients and your business


What You Will Learn

•How different chemical peels are formulated and what makes them  work

•How PH determines peel outcome

•The molecular structure of each acid group

•The difference between Free acid, buffered and partially neutralized acid

•Proper Skin Preparation

•Indication and contraindications for treatment

•The benefits of each type of peel

•Pre and Post Care

•And much more!

What Comes With Class

You will receive a kit that contains with enough material to generate potential revenue of over $1000.00 including:


•Advanced Chemical Peel Manual

•Instructional DVD

•30 minute conference call with instructor

•Critique of work through Skype of video clips

•Certificate of Participation

•Unlimited support

Cost of Program
1 Student $99.00
2 Students $159.00 
3 Students $219.00

Each additional student will receive their own manual and certificate of participation. please call for larger group rates or special requests 321.212.9019

Directions For Course Use

Our distance learning programs are designed to simulate a live classroom setting. Following each step listed below will ensure that you get the most out of your class.  Everything we request you to do is the same as what would be done in a live training seminar.


Step 1

Read the Manual


Step 2

Watch the DVD


Step 3

Practice on Models working from the lightest peel to the strongest peel following the outlined protocol


Step 4

Option 1 (recommended)

Call and schedule a time for a teleconference and send in a video of your work. At this time your work will be assessed and critiqued. We will review the class together, talk about common issues that arise when you are learning  about various chemical peels and their constituents, and answer any questions you may have


Option 2

Call in and schedule a time for a Skype conference call. At this time an instructor will watch you working with a model, your work will be assessed and critiqued.  We will review the class together,  as well as answer any questions you may have.


Step 5

 At this time you should be ready to start working on your paying customers. As you gain more experience you may have questions that come up. We offer unlimited support to our students, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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